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Certain businesses and other organisations require an audit by law, or for other reasons.
The most common circumstances are as follows:


–     Where a company (or limited liability partnership) has an annual turnover exceeding

      the statutory audit limit – currently £6.5 million excluding VAT.


–     Where a company (or limited liability partnership) has gross assets exceeding the small

      company limits of £3.26 million.


–     Where a business is regulated, e.g. solicitors and charities.


–     Where the business’ bank or other lender requires that audited financial statements

      are prepared.


An audit may be defined as an independent examination of and expression of opinion on the truth and fairness of a set of financial accounts.


We offer an efficient and cost-effective audit service to meet your needs.


Our core auditing services include:

–     Statutory audits
–     Internal audits
–     Due diligence
–     PAYE/NIC Audit
–     VAT Audit

–     Specialist audits i.e. Insurance broker client money audits


O’Neill & Company (Blackburn) Ltd are Registered Auditors and are registered by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to carry out company audit work.


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